Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday 10/30/12: Episode I highly recommend: 9x13

On one hand episode 13 of season 9 is really sad, because it's the last episode of One Tree Hill, but on the other hand it's a really really awesome episode. It feels like everything ends right and as it was supposed to be. It felt like the perfect moment to leave Tree Hill behind knowing the characters have found their way and are doing well. It was the perfect ending to nine amazing seasons. I feel like no story was left open and no question was left unanswered and everything ended in a right way. I feel like Tree Hill and all the characters who had a huge impact in my life are still there and they still have their stories, struggels and happy times, but they don't need to be shown to the world anymore, because every story and every character has taught us so many lessons and now it's time to say good bye to Tree Hill. This is just my opinion, you might have a totally different point of view and that is absolutely fine.

I think the song 'One Tree Hill' by U2 was just perfect for the last episode. I don't know what it has to it, but it's really touching and it was just the perfect moment seeing everybody sitting in the gym, waiting for Jamie's basketball game.

I also love all the scenes in Tric, when Haley gave that speech, it felt like she was talking to every single OTH fan + the music performances were just AMAZING! Tyler/ Chris Keller rocked the stage and Gavin's performence of ' I don't want to be' and the crowd singalong was just mind blowing.
The epsiode was put together perfectly. It was a quiet ending without any big storylines, but for me it was the perfect ending to a perfect show <3
 I hope you all are doing good,
see you tomorrow,
Xoxo Louisa

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