Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday 04/18/12: Rewatching OTH 1x02

One Tree Hill is over for 2 weeks now, but this whole rewatch thing keeps it kinda alive for me and I am already excited for next wednesday again.
So today I rewatched Season 1 Episode 2. Like usual I really liked this epsiode. It's been quite a while since I watched it the last time, so I really enjoyed.

It was cool to look back in the early days of OTH and to see how the show has changed over the years. I mean it is so weird to know what's coming next, but it is still cool, because there are always scenes I don't remember.

It was really weird seeing Nathan and Peyton together, because I am so used to see just Nathan and Haley being together.
This episode was the first one with B. Davis, and I really enjoyed seeing her together with Peyton.

It is so weird to see Nathan being so mean to everyone whilst knowing he would become a very good man, father and husband.
It was also weird to see Dan as this very mean person, I mean if you saw him in the latest seasons of One Tree Hill, he became a very good father and grandfather too, especially in Season 9.
I enjoyed to see Lucas and Peyton at their very beginning of their relationship, it is just nice to look back at their past and seeing how it all began. I loved the scene when Lucas says to Peyton:
Your art matters, it brought me here.
I also really love seeing Lucas and Haley together in many scenes. I just really like their friendship.

I'm just getting a bit sentimental looking back to nine incredible seasons. Xo

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