Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday 04/08/12: OTH Trivia of the week

Here's the One Tree Hill Trivia I did tonight on my Twitter @FansForLafferty, enjoy!!
Here are the Questions:

1. Why did Nathan sit in a wheelchair at the beginning of Season 5?
2. What happened to Haley after the Ravens had won the Championsship?
3. With who did Haley move in the apartment, when Nathan moved back to his parents because Naley wasn't together that time in Season 3?
4. Where did Naley want to go for honeymoon after their second wedding?
5. What is Jamie's rabbit called?
6. What name did Brooke give Haley because she didn't like the name Haley?
7. Who was Nathan's best friend in Season 1?
8. To which college wanted Haley to go?
9. After who did Naley call their second child?
10. Who was Dan's second wife?
11. What was the movie called Julian directed in Season 7?
12. With who did Mouth comment the Ravens Basketball Games in Season 4?
13. Who was Peyton's birth mom?
14. Who did Tim marry and got a son with?
15. Where did Nathan ask Haley to marry him in Season in Season 3?
16. What was Nathan's Halloween costume in Season 3?
17. For which team did Nathan play in the NBA?

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