Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday 04/11/12: Rewatching OTH 1x01

So as OTH has ended last Wednesday, I decided to rewatch the whole show. I'll be watching them all from the beginning again, every Wednesday a 'new' episode, so I still can look forward to the Wednesdays.
So today I watched how it all began, Episode 1 of Season 1 called 'Pilot'

I haven't watched the first episode for ages, so I was quite excited to see it and it was a super awesome episode, I mean it was quite weird knowing how the story would go on and what would happen.
The beginning of the episode is just amazing, I love how they compared Nathan and Lucas' life. Lucas was still playing at the Rivercourt, while Nathan was playing for the Ravens.
It was so weird seeing the 'asshole' Nathan whilst knowing how he would grow over the next episode.
I also loved the scene between Keith and Whitey, and the scene between Peyton and Lucas at the river where Peyton's car broke down. Loved when she said:
First of all, you don't know me. Second of all, you don't know me.
Ohh and I also loved the scene between Karen, Haley and Lucas, when they give him the book and Haley doesn't stop talking.
It was a quite weird but exciting to see how it all began and I can't wait for the next episode next week :)

So that were just a few thoughts on this episode, it's def worths watching.

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