Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday 04/24/12: Episode I highly recommend: 7x22

Today I wanna recommend episode 22 of season 7.
I just love the episode, because it seems like everything is gonna be good again (I mean except that Clay and Quinn got shot.). It's just a fun episode with romantic and thoughtful scenes as well. I really enjoy seeing the cast having a great time together in Utah.

I really like all these fun scenes in the snow with the whole cast, I really love the scene when they all ride sledges together and I really really like the quote Haley says to Jamie when they're about to climb the hill.

It's just a hill, we'll climb it together.
I also really like the romantic scenes, especially the scene when Julian asks Brooke to marry him, and she says yes. I just love all the Brulian scenes in this episode, they're such an amazing couple :)

I also really enjoy all the scenes in the igloo, I just think it totally fits the episode. It feels so good to see Haley starting to feel better after her mom's death. 
I think it's just an amazing episode, fun to watch but also really thoughtful.
This episode will always be one of my favorites. I mean okay the ending is kinda scary, but it was just a great season finale and so worth watching.

This episode has too many great scenes to describe, it's just so worth watching :) 

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