Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday 04/15/12: OTHTrivia of the week

Here are my Questions from today's Twitter OTH Trivia at @FansForLafferty.

1. Who organized Nathan and Haley's first date?
2. Where did Clay and Quinn meet for the first time?
3. What kind of job did Nathan after he decided to finish his basketball career in Season 8?
4. What was the psycho called that looks exactly the same as Sara?
5. Who tried to kill herself in Season 7?
6. Where did the Season 7 final episode play?
7. Who was Julian's girlfriend before he came to Tree Hill and met Brooke?
8. What did Brooke do in the moment Julian fell in love with her?
9. Who moved into the apartment after Naley moved back to Deb in Season 4?
10. What is Nathan and Haley's quote?

I hope you enjoyed it <3

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