Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday 04/22/12: OTHTrivia of the week

Here's today's Twitter #OTHTrivia. I hope y'all enjoyed it :) Xo

  1. Why did Haley start tutoring Nathan?
  2. Who saved Brooke and Jamie in 8x11 at the bridge in the storm?
  3. Who stole the maths test in S4 so that Haley wasn't allowed to tutor anymore?
  4. Because of who did they go to Honeygrove in S4?
  5. What color had the dresses of Brooke and Peyton at Naley's wedding in Season 3?
  6. Who kidnapped Dan in the beginning of Season 6?
  7. What club do Peyton and Karen open in Season 2?
  8. What is Lucas and Peyton's baby called?
  9. What's Nathan's jersey number in the NBA?
  10. Who was Brooke's maid of honor?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Because Lucas; so that Nathan let him alone!
    2. Julian
    3. Rachel and... Brooke (think) :D
    4. Because Mouth; he ended up in jail
    (hmm..think..again haha)
    5. Red dresses
    6. Nanny Carrie
    7. Tric
    8. Annabelle
    9. Number 12

    Maria_Cro :)