Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday 04/29/12: OTHTrivia of the week

Here's today Twitter OTHTrivia, I hope you enjoyed it. :) Xo

  1. What is Clay's son named?
  2. With who did Haley leave for tour in Season 2?
  3. What is Brooke's new baby clothing line called?
  4. Who's Julian's best man at his wedding?
  5. Where did Karen go in Season 1 to visit a cooking school?
  6. What's Jake's daughter called?
  7. Who did Bevin choose at the Fantasy Boy Draft in Season 3?
  8. At which college did Whitey coach after finishing coaching at Tree Hill High?
  9. What's Lucas' sister called?
  10. Who helped Nathan with his comeback in Season 5?

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