Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#GoodNightTreeHill - You will be in our hearts forever

Today might air the last episode of One Tree Hill, but I know we will have this show forever in our hearts. I am so thankful for the amazing nine season we had. I know today's a sad day and I am sad to say Good Night to such an life changing show, but I am happy that I got to know the show, the cast, the music and the OTH Family. I can't imagine my life without this precious experiences. I think One Tree Hill has such an impact to so many lives and it has changed so many lives and I am sure it gonna keep saving lives. I have enjoyed every single episode. 
I am so thankful for meeting such inspiring and smart people because of One Tree Hill. I think everyone feels misunderstood sometimes and feels alone, but if that happens you just need to watch an episode of One Tree and immediately you feel better. One Tree has taught us so many lessons. It told us to fight for our dreams, that we can reach them, to believe in ourselves, that we can change something in the world, that we mean something, that we are enough. 
We cried with Brooke when she was unable to have children, we were so happy for her when she got married and became a mother to two beautiful boys. It broke our hearts to see Nathan loosing his dream of becoming into the NBA, we loved seeing him believing in his dream again and reaching it. We cried happy tears when we saw Naley, Leyton and Brulian getting married and becoming parents. We laughed so many times. The show just gave us all emotions we could ask for.
I know when I am older and have children I gonna show them One Tree Hill and I am sure they gonna love it just like I do.
One Tree Hill gave us so much Joy, we Fans became a wonderful Family, who cares about each other and who helps everyone through tough times.
We might have to say Good Night to Brooke, Haley, Nathan, Julian, Clay, Quinn, Jamie, Lydia, Davis, Jude, Mouth, Skills, Lucas, Peyton, Chris Keller, Deb, Karen and so many more, but we still can look forward to see the actors in new projects and see them growing.
I am so sad to say Good Night to Tree Hill but I am so happy to see what I got because of this show and I will rewatch it so so many times, it will be with me forever.
I am so thankful for One Tree Hill, the OTH Family and the cast. I got to know so many inspiring people and I am so grateful for that.


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