Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday 04/10/12: Episode I highly recommend: 9x11 'Danny Boy'

So as I am doing this 'everyday a new post' thing, I thought of writing about episodes of OTH, I highly recommend. I know all episodes are incredible, but every Tuesday I just gonna write about an episode I think of very often lately.

So this weeks episode is 9x11 'Danny Boy' :

I think the whole episode is totally breath-taking. I mean I always loved Paul Johannsson, but in this episode, oh my God, he was even better than usual, I think. All the other actors did great work as well for sure. I love that Craig Sheffer came back in this episode, I think it made it complete.
The best scenes of the episode: (all were amazing, I know)

  • Nathan and Dan at the Rivercourt
  • Naley Reunion
  • Lydia walks and Haley started crying because it made her think of what would have happened if Nathan never came home again
  • All these sweet Naley moments
  • Haley tells Dan that they will tell Lydia that her Grandpa loved his grandchildren
  • the whole beginning of the episode (and I love the song that was played in the beginning ("Never Let Me Go" - Florence + The Machine)
  • Keith forgives Dan takes him with him to heaven 
  • Dan and Deb talk to each other
  • Ahh the whole episode is just too amaazing to describe

I think it's one of the best episode ever made.   

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