Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi Guys,
I just wanna wish you all an amazing new year! I hope you get a lot of new experiences, meet new awesome people, have a lot fun moments, I wish you success and that you reach your dreams!
Never forget believing in yourself and never stop being you, because you're loved for who you are!
I hope 2012 gonna be a memorable amazing year for each of you!
Stay positive!
Wishing you just the best for 2012, you gonna rock it!
Thank you all for all the support, I really appreciate everything you do for me, and I'm really grateful for that!
If there's anything I can do for you, just tell me, I'd love to help wherever I can!
So keep being you and believe in yourself. 
And if bad things gonna happen in 2012: 
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Well I believe in you & thank you for always being there for me!
We are a big group of fans and we gonna stay together!

Xoxo  Louisa

Thursday, December 29, 2011

James Lafferty in 6x11

Im re-watching Season six of One Tree Hill at the moment.
And I just finished to watch 6x11. I love the episode, because it has so many sweet Nathan and Haley moments! I wanna share now a few pictures of the different scenes.

 James looks even hot in this style!!

I love it how Nathan always defends Haley! 

I think the picture says it all ;)

Such a beautiful couple! <3

Always & Forever.

Xo Louisa



Hi guys,
Good news: I reached 400 Followers!! Well actually we reached 400 Followers, because without you all this whole account wouldn't exist! I really appreciate you all, and I am so grateful for so amazing and supportive followers :)
I run this fanpage for James, and I really hope we gonna reach our next target 500 followers as soon as possible, because I think James deserves a big group of fans :)
But for now I'm really happy with 400 followers!

With a big thanks & Xo Louisa

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

23 things I love about James Lafferty

Hey guys,
So well my Twitter account nearly reached 4oo followers, which is SO amazing after being online for 23 days!! I really can't believe it this so amazing! And that's all just because of you guys, a big thanks to EVERY follower!
So well I guess we all are big James Lafferty Fans, right? So now I gonna list 23 things (I guess you know why I chose this number) why I love James Lafferty:
  1. He's James Lafferty haha.
  2. Because of his smile, I always totally fall in love when I see his smile, it's just so unique, it's just the 'James Lafferty smile'.
  3. He's SO funny, I mean come on, read his tweets!
  4. He cares about other people (for example he was host of the One Tree Hill Charity basketball games)
  5. He cares about his fans.
  6. He cares about the environment.
  7. He has amazing acting skills. (Two words: Nathan Scott)
  8. He is damn sexy!
  9. He is SO good at basketball (only because of him, I love basketball)
  10. He looks good when he plays basketball haha.  
  11. He stays normal, even though he's famous.
  12. He has a amazing voice. 
  13. He has a goood clothing style.
  14. He has such a good sense of humor.
  15. He grew so much over the last 9 years, he became a adult, and a really good looking one btw, ohh wait he looked always good.
  16. He's such a nice guy.
  17. He's so kind- hearted.
  18. He's honest.
  19. He's strong.
  20. He can't dance? Haha
  21. He isn't only an incredible actor, he's also an incredible director.
  22. He works really hard.
  23. And *drum roll* as I said he's JAMES LAFFERTY.
Feel free to leave a comment :)
Xo Louisa

Welcome to the James Lafferty Fan Blog

Hi there,
I decided that we maybe should also have a Blog for James and not only support him in Twitter! So I think we maybe could make it to a place where Fans can share information, news and just talk about James :]
So if you wanna write a post for this Blog or something, just tweet me (@FansForLafferty) and then I gonna give you an email adress where you can send the entry, and I gonna post it here on the Blog :]
Or just write a comment or something :)

So I hope we all gonna have fun with this blog, and it's gonna be a great place for and about James :]

Xoxo Louisa