Thursday, December 29, 2011

James Lafferty in 6x11

Im re-watching Season six of One Tree Hill at the moment.
And I just finished to watch 6x11. I love the episode, because it has so many sweet Nathan and Haley moments! I wanna share now a few pictures of the different scenes.

 James looks even hot in this style!!

I love it how Nathan always defends Haley! 

I think the picture says it all ;)

Such a beautiful couple! <3

Always & Forever.

Xo Louisa



  1. THis episode is not my favorite, but I love it anyway. I love the fact that it's a very different episode, and I love what are the characters.
    Naley Always and Forever <3

  2. I love Naley's photo :)
    And Nathan is so handsome !
    Xoxo, @FanBJoyGaleotti