Monday, January 2, 2012

James Lafferty: Basketball

Hi Guys!
So I've been thinking about James Lafferty all day now, and I thought it's time for a new Blogpost! 
Well with this post, I just wanna show how amazing James can play Basketball! It always totally amazes me when I see him playing (Can you imagine OTH without Basketball? I can't!), because he really has talent! He really made me love basketball! (Even though I'm not really good at it.)
I just gonna post a few pictures of James playing and a video, which I think really shows his talent!

And here's a video which I think really shows James Talent!

Xo Louisa

1 comment:

  1. Hello Louisa,
    Nice post, I love see James when he played basketball, he is really talented for play this sport, I think he can be a basketball player haha
    Like you, I can't imagine OTH without basketball , I actually love basketball ! :)
    All the photos that you posted are really great, James is handsome when he jump for put a basket.

    Xoxo, Emeline