Saturday, January 7, 2012

J A M E S L A F F E R T Y - every letter has a meaning

Hi Guys,
First of all: I wanna thank you all for being so supportive, and getting my Twitter account (@FansForLafferty ) to 478 followers! I'm sure with your help we can reach 500 soon, right?
Thank you for everything and keep being so supportive please?
If you want me anything to change, or have any questions, just leave a comment or tweet me :]

J- Jocular 
A- attractive
M- mannerly
S- sexy

L- Loved 
A- amazing
F- flexible
F- fancy
E- excellent
R- role model
T- talented
Y- youthful 

I am really sorry if a few words don't make sense, but it was really hard to find adjectives with my English knowledge! So if there'S something wrong please tell me! 
Ohh and yes I know 'role model' isn't a adjective, but I really couldn't find one with an R at the beginning :d
Xoxo Louisa 

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