Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday 04/12/12: An evening with One Tree Hill

I decided that I wont have a topic to write about on the Thursdays other then I do all the other days of the week, because I wanted one day in the week to be free for news or just things that don't really fit in the other topics, so if you ever have an idea or want to publish anything on here Thurdays, just let me know, tweet me @FansForLafferty or just leave a comment on this Blog or on the Facebook Fanpage called 'James Lafferty Fans'.

So today I found the viedo of the evening with One Tree Hill, which will also be published on the Season 9 DVD boxset, which you can already buy in the US I think. I really enjoyed this kind of interview, and I hope you all enjoy as well :)

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