Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birthdayproject for James :)

Hey Guys!
James Lafferty's birthday is coming up on the 25th July, so I thought of starting a birthday project for him. It would mean so so much to me if you would take part and tell all your friends and followers about this project, so we can make the project as big as possible and show James how many people love him and wish him an happy birthday. So it really would mean very much if you would RT this tweet or tweet about it, ask your friends to join in and just spread the word.
If you decide to take part, please send your entry to
via email or you can tweet me your entry .
The project will be divided in three parts.
Please tweet me which parts you wanna join so I can plan better :)
PART ONE: I will make a tumblr like we did for Christmas. I will collect all entries and will put them together at a tumblr website. You can send a message wishing James a happy birthday and write what you love about him and what you wish him for the future. You can send a photo of you and James (if you met him) or just your favorite picture of James or whatever comes in your mind. I will post your entry together with your Twittername.
PART TWO: I would like to make a picture for him saying 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!'. So that means 19 people would have to join to make it possible. If not enough people join to create this picture this part of the project would fall apart. But if enough people join, I will use the picture as header for the tumblr and we can also tweet the picture to him via Twitter. If you wanna join this part of the project all you need to do is to draw the letter I will ask you to draw and just take a picture of you holding the letter or just the letter.
PART THREE: I would love to trend something for James like '#HappyBirthdayJames' on Twitter at the 25th July. But that is something we have to plan just a few days before his birthday because right now it is way to early I think :)
It would mean the world if you would join the project, you can join all parts or just one if you want to. All entries have to be sent to me by the 23rd July. I will send everyone who took part the tumblr on the 25th July and then we can all tweet it to James. Please tweet it to him as often as possible to make sure he sees it :)
Please do NOT mention @ ThisIsLafferty in any tweets about the project before it's finished to make sure it is a surprise.
Please take part so we can show James how loved he is.
Thank you very much for reading this and taking you time. Please spread the word <3 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU <3
I'm so sorry for my bad English and I hope you understood everything. If you have any Questions, just tweet me, I'd be very happy to help out :)
Xoxo and much Love,

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