Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday 05/08/12: Episode I highly recommend: 4x17

I really really like this episode, I guess it was one of the first episode (I didn't watch the episode in an order) I ever watched and made me fell in love with the show. I just really like that the whole group is going on a road trip together and I also love about this episode that they finally have a real beautiful prom without any psychos :D I just think it was a great way to kinda end their High School days and I just love the storyline of this episode.

And I also really likes that Chris Keller comes back in this episode, I mean he's just a fun character. I love how they show the realtionships between the characters, I just think the whole episode is perfect. I just feel like it's a fun episode without much drama (as much as I love the drama in One Tree Hill, I still enjoy the episode where's not that much drama :)) and I also really like that Mouth kinda has a special part in this episode, because I really enjoy all the scenes with Mouth and I think the scenes with him in jail are just genius :)

Plus I really love the prom, all the scenes are just too amazing to describe. This episode is definitely so worth watching, it's kinda hard for me to put in words, but I just love love love this episode :) Tell me what you guys think about episode 4x17! Xoxo

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