Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday 06/05/12: OTHTrivia of the week

Here's today's Twitter One Tree Hill Trivia, I hope you all enjoyed it :) Xo

  1. Who had an car crash at the bridge at the end of Seaon 3 after Naley's wedding?
  2. With who of Nathan's friends did Deb make out in Season 6?
  3. Who were Haley's bridesmaids at her 2nd wedding?
  4. What is the soundtrack to OTH called and who sings it?
  5. What was Lucas' second novel called?
  6. What was Jamie's first word he ever said? Ball or Guitar?
  7.  With who did Brooke move into the house in Tree Hill in the beginning of Season 5?
  8. What was the baby called Brooke took care of in Season 5?
  9. Who was the priest at Leyton's wedding?
And I also wanna thank you all for sending me such sweet tweets about that @RealOneTreeHill followed me, your tweets really mean a lot to me, they really do <3 Love you all <3

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