Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday 05/13/12: OTHTrivia of the week

Here's a special #OTHTrivia for this week, I won't be able to do one at Twitter tonight, so I thought I would post one at this blog. You can send me your answers via email and I will tell you on Wednesday how many points you reached. You can send me your answer till Tuesday evening. Please don't forget to write your Twittername in the email, so I can tweet you how many points you reached. Please send your emails to . I hope y'all enjoy this Trivia and I hope you take part :) Xoxo

  1. What was Quentin's jersey number?
  2. Where did Haley have her first little concert, where she just played for Nathan?
  3. How many letters did Brooke write Lucas over the summer?
  4. What is Jamie's middle name?
  5. Who helped Karen with 'Karen's Cafe' in Season 4?
  6. Who did really kiss Haley at the Halloween party in Season 3?
  7. In which season was Brooke told that she isn't able to have children?
  8. What's Peyton's birth mom named?
  9. Who got the chicken pox at the Cheerleader competition in Season 1?
  10. Who's Brooke’s “Hot Dad” fantasy?
  11. Who was selected first in the fantasy boy draft in Season 3?
  12. Why does Haley's mom Lydia die in Season 7?
  13. Where did Peyton visit Jake and Jenny in Season 3? 
  14. Who is Brooke's first assistant at Clothes Over Bros?
  15. Who was the First Person To Read Lucas' Novel? 
 I hope you enjoyed the quiz. You'll get your results Wednesday <3

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