Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday 05/08/12: Episode I highly recommend: 3x21

Today's episode I want to recommend is Episode 21 of Season 3. I just loved the whole episode. I think Brooke had just such a cute and amazing idea of making this play where all of Nathan and Haley's story play an important part of Naley's journey together. I just think Brooke is such an amazing friend for Haley in this Episode, I mean she is always a great friend but I just love what great things she planned for Nathan and Haley in this episode.

I've been a huge Naley fan from the first minute, they're my favorite TV show couple of all time, I think they kinda represent true love. I mean they had some pretty though times but they always have been there for each other and fought for their love.
I think this evening shown in this episode is the perfect way to look in the future, I mean we had a look back in the past because of seeing all these important Naley moments and it makes you curious what is coming next for them.


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  1. AWWW such a cute episode. I have just been watching the episode where they get married for the first time xxx